Building One Pennsylvania October 27th Meeting Delivers Results

Building One Pennsylvania made great strides at our October 27 public meeting in protecting and stabilizing our increasingly fragile, economy-diverse communities.

Nearly 800 leaders from across the state convened in Lancaster on October 27 for a meeting to present an agenda for change to state and federal policymakers that will stabilize and revitalize our communities through changes in housing policy, school funding, and investments in infrastructure.

U.S. HUD Sec. Shaun Donovan pledged to work directly with Building One Pennsylvania and our regional and national partners to “end the tyranny of the zip code” by developing a model of regional fair housing.

(U.S. Congressman Jim Gerlach will be honored December 8 by the Southeastern Pennsylvania First Suburbs Project for his role, leading up to the October 27 public meeting, in advocating to HUD on behalf of his constituents’ interest in the issue.)

Donovan also reported that HUD, DOT and EPA are creating a “preferred sustainability status,” to give funding priority through their competitive grants to communities that develop strong plans to re-invest in existing communities and create regional opportunity by coordinating transportation, housing, and access to jobs.

The same concepts of basing funding priorities on “inclusion, sustainability and economic growth” were introduced as it relates to state policy, and bi-partisan support was secured from Senator Ted Erickson, Rep. Tom Killion, Rep. Tim Hennessey, Rep. Mike Sturla, and Greg Grasa, policy analyst for the House Transportation Committee to work with Building One Pennsylvania on developing similar performance criteria for transportation and infrastructure funding. Plans are also in the works to meet with a bi-partisan group of members of Congress to develop “sustainability” criteria for federal transportation funding.

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