Dear Member of Congress (Conference Committee)

We are writing to support you and your colleagues in the House and Senate who are working for a quick and bipartisan resolution of the reauthorization of the federal transportation bill.

Building One America, a bipartisan coalition of local elected and community leaders from vibrant and diverse yet fiscally challenged middle class communities across the country. Our purpose is to build support for stable and inclusive communities as a path to creating economically competitive and sustainable metropolitan regions.

We are encouraged that a conference committee of House and Senate leadership is working to craft a bill and it is our hope that these efforts will win bipartisan support from both chambers of congress and the White House in the next several weeks.

Our communities and metro regions are in dire need of targeted infrastructure investments and reliable sources of funds for roads, public transit, and other local and regional transportation investments that can tie our metro areas together and spur economic growth.

We know there have been sharp divisions around a number of important issues including funding and timing. However, we believe we are speaking for most Americans when we say it is now time to work together and compromise to produce the best possible bipartisan bill.

In our conversations with members of the House and Senate there seems to be general agreement on some of the most important aspects of the reauthorization – including those now in the Senate version:  dedicated funding for public transit, railways and safe streets; more authority and potential for direct funding to municipalities and metropolitan regions; stronger criteria and performance measures that can help prioritize and direct limited transportation and infrastructure dollars to diverse middle class communities like ours that are working together to promote regional economic growth and job creation.

While, like many members of congress we would like to see a longer term reauthorization bill, it is more important that the American people see some progress toward rebuilding our infrastructure, putting people to work, stabilizing our towns and regions and — perhaps more importantly — to see that our elected representatives from both parties can put aside their differences and get something done to help move our country forward.


Building One America leaders, members and affiliates: